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But they figure out via Tenel Ka's secretary that an appointment was not scheduled, and discern that they have been setup for a coup against Tenel Ka.

They try to reach Tenel Ka to warn her of such a trap before a group of assassins decide to act upon Han and Leia's arrival at Tenel Ka's latest party and they battle the honor guards.

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In order to counter such a coup, Tenel Ka plans to gather up all of the Hapan nobles loyal to her, and sends Jaina and Zekk to round up one such noble - the Ducha Galney of Terephon, whose sister is a close consort of Tenel Ka's.

When Jaina and Zekk, the latter who states that he has lost interest in Jaina as a girlfriend, which makes Jaina feel like she lost something and comes to respect Zekk more, arrive at Terephon, they find that the Villa Solis hunting retreat has been abandoned by Galney and her household.

Alema duels the Chev, and Lumiya helps Alema fight Lobi when Alema falters in her duel against the Jedi, and the Twi'lek decapitates Lobi, thus entering into a partnership with Lumiya.

On Hapes, Han and Leia are waiting for their scheduled appointment with Tenel Ka to discuss turning Hapes's allegiance to Corellia from the GA.

Later, after the World Brain has died from the poison shot by Alema Rar, Luke Skywalker fears that his son, Ben, and nephew Jacen, are being corrupted to the dark side of the Force by Lumiya.

So he sends Jedi Master Tresina Lobi to spy on Jacen and Ben as they approach Fellowship Plaza, and Ben leaves after they discuss Ben's position in the Galactic Alliance Guard and the faltering relationship between him and his father.

When Jaina and Zekk investigate this with Tenel Ka, they find that the eyewitnesses have all mysteriously died, most likely from some poison or another assassin hired to silence them on giving any indication as to who wanted Tenel Ka dead.

Tenel Ka then hypothesizes that someone within the Hapes Consortium wants her dead, and that someone may be trying to gather up a fleet to overthrow the Hapan Queen Mother to establish a new Hapan order.

Jacen tries to kill Alema, not knowing who she is because of the unclear haze created by the Brain, but Lumiya reminds Jacen not to be a servant to his emotions and concentrate more on his responsibilities than his friends.

With that, Jacen spares Alema, who is in hiding from Jacen and Lumiya using the dark side of the Force to cloak her presence.

Though she is not there, they find that she has been accessing GAG files in order to kill Bothans across Coruscant.

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