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That was one reason she had such a close rapport with co-Stewart. “It was very disappointing,” Novak acknowledges of its reception.

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“I had been raped as a child so I know the feeling. It cost a lot of money to run that ad but I felt it needed to be said.”Tippi Hedren has talked about Alfred Hitchcock’s predatory behaviour toward his actresses. The Hitch she describes was shy and reticent, “a complete gentleman,” who treated her with all due decorum, even if he did make her dive into the freezing water several times for the scene in which James Stewart rescues her from San Francisco Bay.

“I think it has been exaggerated that he made people do things over and over. We were reacting off our feelings.”At the time she made the film, Novak was annoyed she wasn’t allowed to do her own hair and make-up.

Novak, then in her mid-20s, was already used to being attacked by critics.

“I’ve always felt that being a pretty girl was a handicap,” she reflects.

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Showbiz insiders say that the 37-year-old actor, producer and author has been dating model and Instagram star Ceilidh Garten (otherwise known as @lilmixedhunny to her 72,500 followers) — causing much chatter among his usual crew of 40-something pals.

She wasn’t steeped in method acting and felt she was too artless and understated to please the reviewers. Novak had already appeared opposite Frank Sinatra in Otto Preminger’s The Man with the Golden Arm (1955), a moody black and white drama about a heroin addict, and she went on to work with Billy Wilder on Kiss Me, Stupid (1964).

Sinatra treated her with extreme kindness on The Man with the Golden Arm but was then (she recalls) an utter “cad” on Pal Joey (1957.)“He was so kind and so gentle [on The Man with the Golden Arm].

I don’t know what they expected me to come in with...

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