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After three decades of research, a complex signal transduction pathway with multiple layers of regulation has been elucidated.This pathway links karyotype to phenotype by coordinating the development of sexually dimorphic tissues.However, all three eventually converge on a DM family member whose expression is associated with male development.

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The best characterized example of nematode ESD is in the arthropod parasitic Mermithidae.

In lightly infected hosts, exclusively female worms are born, while in heavily parasitized hosts only males are produced.

Parthenogenetic progeny that remain in the host develop into apomictic females, like their mothers.

However, when L1 larvae are passed from the host in feces, they can either develop into infective L3 female larvae (the homogonic path) or initiate a free-living male/female generation (the heterogonic phase) that is similar to .

The association of DM family member expression with sexual development in cnidarians (Miller et al., 2003) further suggests that this role evolved prior to the Cambrian, over 500 million years ago.

It is reasonable to imagine that the first metazoans had sexual differentiation controlled in part by a DM progenitor, and that the diversity of extant sex determination mechanisms represents extreme divergence in different lineages.

From all of these studies, a picture emerges in which biology to be systematically characterized with genetic analysis (Hodgkin and Brenner, 1977), and the depth of this analysis has made it a major topic in developmental biology.

It is both fair and interesting to ask how general the model is likely to be, both for other nematodes as well as for animals in general.

Their striking similarity to extant insect-parasitic species (Figure 1) suggests a minimum age for the origin of ESD in this group, although it is possible that ancient mermithids used GSD.

ESD also occurs in the vertebrate parasite is in the order Rhabditida.

The important role ofstudies in revealing the first universally conserved component of metazoan sex determination is discussed, as is the role of cooption of genes into the sex determination and dosage compensation pathways.

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