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Vennes earned more than million in commissions paid by Petters and/or PCI for the Palm Beach Fund investments based on a percentage of the money he attracted.

Vennes was indicted July 19 on 24 counts of fraud, money laundering and making false statements, many of them related to his involvement with the Palm Beach Funds.

In most cases, your offer will have to be approved by the bankruptcy judge or trustee who is in charge of liquidating or selling the assets of the person who filed bankruptcy.

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For starters, homeowners have to prepare their house for an ever competitive property market.

As such, they have to conduct extensive repair and value additions to their property, all in an effort to attract prospective buyers.

With patience and persistence, however, it's possible to turn someone's misfortune into your personal gain.

The long arm of the Tom Petters Ponzi scheme clawback has reached out for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in an effort to recover $27,600 in contributions to her congressional campaign from Petters associate and Bachmann friend, convicted money launderer Frank Vennes Jr. Mukamal, liquidating trustee for the bankrupt Palm Beach Funds, filed the action November 29 against Michele Bachmann, Bachmann for Congress, and Bachmann Minnesota Victory Committee.

More importantly, we fully appreciate that it important to property owner receiving a fair valuation of their property and the same time getting money’s worth in any deal where they sell their property.

Thus, while we buy houses Phoenix ‘as is’ and fast, we also ensure that we do right by our clients.You may also find it difficult to find a buyer willing to meet your asking price.These are all the things that we consider extensively.To make it work, you need to learn all you can about the property from public records, as well as contact the Realtor® if the property is for sale.For your convenience, this contact information is located under the property's "Bankruptcy Information" header.According to court documents, from 2002 through September 2008, the Palm Beach Funds invested approximately billion in PCI (Petters’ company) notes.

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