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This Homeopathic medicine is an aphrodisiac that works as an agent to increase sexual desire.

Yohimbinum is also the best Homeopathic remedy for Neurasthenic Impotency.

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Selenium is the best Homeopathic prescription when the erection is too weak and slow rather than the complete inability to have an erection.

The erection is also insufficient and remains for a very short period.

Elderly men with imperfect erections may also have prostate enlargement.

Homeopathic medicine Avena Sativa can be used as a tonic for enhancing the sexual power of males.

Caladium is also the Homeopathic remedy for men who have a sexual weakness due to mental depression.

The third type of patients of Erectile Dysfunction for whom Homeopathic medicine Caladium can be of great help are the ones with a craving for tobacco.Here, Caladium will help to get rid of the tobacco addiction.After the tobacco addiction is removed, the sexual strength can be regained.Made of substances sourced out of nature and having zero side effects, Homeopathic remedies can successfully treat Erectile Dysfunction.Although various Homeopathic medicines are used to treat Erectile Dysfunction, it is Agnus Castus that is considered the top remedy.Majority of the men requiring Homeopathic medicine Selenium also suffer from involuntary emission of seminal discharge during sleep.

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