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Kendall is excited too, though less for the lively setting and more for the dead animals inside waiting to be taxidermied – or already stuffed and mounted on the walls of their swanky cabin. After the girls requisite scampering around the new digs and shouting their new location from a balcony, the first date card arrives for Sienne.

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Krystal blames literally everyone else for being cliquey – but if every clique hates you, maybe YOU'RE the problem? A stunning reveal to Arie (who awkwardly keeps saying with "To Catch a Predator" vibes that he figured she was young but not THAT young) but less so for the audience, as the number's been out there on the internet for a while and even the fellow cast members kept talking about "the 14-year age gap." Some basic math played spoiler alert on this one.

Nope, it's "because I come off as flawless," as every wine glass in the nation was flung at the television set. Plus, come on Arie, you don't go on "The Bachelor" to date your age.

But enough of that actual sweet romance stuff; it's time to drop some women in the forest and see if they survive!

Arie's group date takes the ladies deep into the woods alongside former U. Special Forces officer and TV personality Mykel Hawke and his fellow badass wife Ruth England where they will learn how to survive the elements.

Jacqueline, bless her poor heart, almost takes a swig of her bottle before Arie dives in to say that he actually just drank apple juice, not urine.

But wait, does that mean all the women still went off to pee in those bottles? In case urophilia isn't steamy enough for you, the date moves on to eating worms – an opportunity Jacqueline again jumps on with maybe too much aplomb.

It only took four weeks, but we finally got an episode of "The Bachelor" this season worth flinging a rose at. A change in scenery, after all, always does some good – and scenery doesn't get much better than Tahoe.

Um, you know, uh, not amazing.) Maybe I just like this episode because Chris Harrison sent Arie and the women off to Lake Tahoe.

After spending three episodes as a wallflower, she came alive this week in the wild.

Our last conversation replays in my head, unceremoniously. And this is accurate, though my words were not so much as mean as they were true.

I never thought he would die, regardless of the many times I enquired by him when he was actually going to kill himself. Pickled with profanities that would make a sailor cringe. The irony that he was stabbed in the heart has not been lost on me. The screwdriver that took the life of Lyle Eyden went into his chest, and may as well have penetrated mine.

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