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Once someone knows you’re interested, their self-esteem shoots thru the roof, and they think they have the power but HA to them!

This is where you interject and put the googly eyes back in your head and reel back your attention pole.

If they’re the slightest bit interested, they will respond.

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Similar to texting, if someone wants to hang out with you then you know for damn sure they will carve out the smallest of time to see you.

It’s all about priorities, and if Netflix and ice cream are higher than you, then it’s safe to say that the ship has sailed and you should call it quits. Okay, so an entirely different game plan now and you might have a chance.

Even without Zotero installed, you can always access your research from any web browser.

Zotero lets you freely collaborate with fellow researchers and distribute class materials to your students.

If they are going out in public with you or you so happen to  “coincidentally” bump into them at the bar then play it cooler than the ocean breeze.

It’s okay to come off interested but if you’re picking up any vibe that they aren’t digging you then abort the mission.It’s important to understand that even though it’s twisted, it’s also a part of this complex game.Not only do you need to learn the rules but you have to come out on top and win.Now here is where things get tricky so pay attention!!If they do not follow up by trying to create new plans, then they consider you an obligated after school activity that they would get suspended for ditching every day.It doesn’t matter how crazy you act once you’ve locked them down because they should be smart enough to know what they’re getting into.

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