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After nearly two decades of internal conflict and insurrection, the Imperial Court regained its political power in 1868 through the help of several clans from Chōshū and Satsuma—and the Empire of Japan was established.

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Additionally, 5miles has a market-by-market footprint, establishing highly active and very dense user communities in each of its core markets.

The point-to-point transactions within a community are ideal for decentralized blockchain solutions to provide greater transparency & marketplace efficiency.

5miles comprises of team members with extensive experience from leading internet companies, e-commerce platforms, and financial services companies from 5 different countries.

For the past three years, the team has applied their expertise to build a successful marketplace, which has become one of the leading shopping apps in the US, generating over USD 3 billion of annual transaction value.

Contrast with the MST3K Mantra, which tells us not to worry about these little details; Accidentally Correct Writing, which is when non-experts think the creators are wrong, but experts know the creators are right by complete accident; and Like Reality Unless Noted, where what appears to be a research failure can be written off as the result of an Alternate History or Alternate Universe.

For Real Life examples of this in action regarding media, see Cowboy Be Bop at His Computer.

Cyber Miles ICO Registration Process Token Sale Event Registration FAQ Token Sale FAQ Token Sale Event - Key Info Project Whitepaper Technical Whitepaper Cyber Miles ("CM") is the blockchain technology being developed by 5xlab, a blockchain development laboratory.

5xlab is working closely with 5miles, a leading c2c marketplace operator with more than 12 million users in the US.

CM will focus on commercial applications, with protocols to ensure the appropriate balance between vertical effectiveness and network compatibility, limiting the ability for low-quality DApp to emerge on our chain.

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