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” You think you will figure it all out with your detective-sleuthing reading skills. You’ll guess, and guess wrong and then guess again. Not only will you be unable to put this book down, you want, as the reader, to be a smarter detective than Samantha.

You applaud yourself for thinking you could never be complicit in allowing your husband to have two other wives, but then you begin to understand Deborah, MJ, and Helen—perhaps even accept their choices and sacrifices.

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At the October 6, 2011 meeting, Coach Teresa Le Yung-Ryan and Mentor Mary E.

Knippel helped members create 60-second videos/marketing pieces for themselves.

Certainly when not one, not two, but three simultaneous wives are implicated in the crime, you would shake your head at the implausibility—a dedicated plastic surgeon managing to maintain sanity while juggling three wives and a lucrative practice.

Yet, when reading the story, you begin to feel empathy for the dead corpse. As each wife is introduced, you are simultaneously fascinated and shocked as you feel compassion for Deborah, his first and legal wife, then MJ, the second wife, a free-spirited accountant with a difficult past, then Helen, wife number three, an oncologist whose work frequently requires her to deliver devastating news to parents that their child is dying.

During Samantha’s multiple interviews with the three wives throughout the novel, you think you will see the flaw in the perfect crime.

However, you won’t see the plot twists coming, and they keep surprising.

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At the November 3, 2011 meeting, author Birgit Soyka facilitated another fun meeting. The San Francisco chapter of Women’s National Book Association is proud to announce a special event celebrating National Reading Group Month this October.

You’ll shake your head and say, “I didn’t see that coming.” That’s what makes CIRCLE OF WIVES a thrill ride of marital deception, betrayal, and discovery. Knippel, founder of Your Writing Mentor, is a creative professional with 25 years of extensive writing experience.

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