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“At no time did I prosecute below 40mph in a 30mph,” he says.

“To do so at 32mph is ridiculous – and they wonder why there’s a backlash against speed cameras.” Prosecution numbers track the gatso’s journey from safety device to “scamera” in the eyes of many drivers.

It meant camera numbers multiplied from 1,600 in 2000 to 4,737 in 2007, according to AA figures.

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Dubbed the Mad Mullah of the Traffic Taliban by tabloids, Brunstrom waged what he called a “personal crusade” on speeders between 2001-2009.

No tactic was too devious, including one memorable trick back in 2008, when a mobile camera was hidden in a horse box.

Wir stellen altbekannte Wertbegriffe wie Kooperation, persönliches Engagement und Individualität wieder in den Vordergrund unseres Handelns.

Mit Zuverlässigkeit und Kreativität ist unser Team Ihr Partner in Norddeutschland für Outdoor-Events und Kanutouren, für Betriebsausflüge und Incentives.

According to Reynolds, the camera’s downfall started in 2000 when the so-called “netting off” system allowed local authorities to receive a percentage of revenue from their cameras.

Local police and councils joined forces to form safety camera partnerships, picking out sites which the government would then fund.

“It was never about the fines but about reducing fatalities and injuries. When you’ve been picking dead people off the road for 22 years of your life, you want to do something about it.

I’m very proud of what we achieved.” As he describes it, prosecution wasn’t the original aim.

He went on to oversee a network of 750 cameras around London.

When he left the police in 1999, he reckons public opinion was still on his side.

Despite all this, the British public is still generally in favour.

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