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So, what we have here is rant about how Shovel Knight is just blatantly wanked to beyond belief by some people in some places.

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A lot of terrain he destroys is caused by chain reactions of hidden walls.

It’s rarely a single explosion and more like a wave of destruction.

He constantly tricks his enemies and out smarts them. If you see your partners helmet being the only thing left after dangerous adventure, it is not bad logic to conclude to. His fighting style is basic sword swings and Shovel Drops is rather straightforward aerial attack.

Even his Relics have straightforward functionality. So, Shovel Knight is not stupid, he is just basic straightforward guy.

Which makes Scrooge being smarter trickier opponent an advantage for Scrooge. Partially it explains that Scrooge has had a lot of experience, but at the same time knights Scrooge fought before were not anywhere close to Shovel Knight.

Except the Duck Comics Black Knight, that had Omnisolve™ armor, who he had to trick to beat him.This one was overlooked, but frankly it wouldn’t matter.Scrooge legit has resistance to Gold transmutation thanks to hogging Philosophers stone for long period time without being instantly transformed.But he does use those a lot, so for specific combat scenarios they wouldn’t be too weird, no?There is also the small fact that besides cameo appearances, Shovel Knight himself is a one-shot character.Of course, the real deal for strength is scaling to Enchantress which we get to later. The same thing applies to torpedoes in Treasure Knight’s stage.

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