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Second, there's the issue of expectations you two have not discussed.This situation underlines the importance of checking in with one's spouse or partner about the various aspects of long-term relationships: finances, in-laws, jobs, children (if any), housekeeping, plans, and sex. So, even though you said your vows and have been together for a while, it sounds like the topic of online chatting and surfing porn sites never came up.

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People assume that because they are with a person they know pretty well, they also know how their mate feels about these topics. Sit down with your husband to have this discussion.

If he has sexual desires that he talks about with women online, then ask him to tell you what those are. Are there risks that you might be willing to take in terms of new behavior?

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🙏 You could say the AR15 is a military style weapon too because it is a civilian version of the M16. In my mind, military styled weapons are for the military and will always be more deadly than civilian rifles.

When I confronted him, he didn't understand why I was upset.

He said that having sex online was harmless and a way to "get off" without breaking his marriage vows (we've been married 10 years). A: This is a situation I see more and more often as the Internet becomes a staple in homes.

Unless he informed you or gave you the chance to participate in these activities, it was not an honest act on his part.

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