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With a little imagination, this kitchen staple can transform from a dorm room dish to a full-blown family dinner.Above all, ramen noodle recipes are quick for busy people like you.

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Certainly not you—and that’s exactly why ramen noodles are the perfect item to stock your kitchen with.

Between classes, work and living your life, who has time to make an elaborate dinner every night?

This simple ramen recipe packs in an astounding amount of protein for how easy it is.

Line the bottom of a soup bowl with spinach and crack an egg into the hot ramen broth.

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Adding bacon and Sriracha can round out the flavor profile. All you need is a pack of beef flavored ramen, chili powder and ground beef.

You can also top the dish with sour cream, shredded cheese, lettuce, avocado or whatever other taco toppings you prefer.

Now that you’ve learned how to whip up affordable and easy meals for yourself, learn how else you can maximize your time and cover your bases when you’ve got a lot on your plate.

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This recipe is so good, even former convicts can’t help indulging in their old favorite from behind bars.

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