Sex chat wechat

Set up voiceprint instead to log in using a verbal recitation of digits.

To enable the feature, go to One of We Chat’s newest features lets you track the status of express deliveries within China by scanning the delivery form’s barcode.

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To add We Chat to your web browser, visit com or, scan the QR code to sign in, and start chatting with your friends and colleagues directly from your computer.

You can also download the We Chat desktop application here.

DON’T LET YOUR BOSS SEE THAT YOU WERE OUT.’ Now with the tap of a button, you can carefully curate who gets to see what.

Next time you log into We Chat, don’t bother remembering a password.

Similar to the function is the option to add a tag.

Manually go through all your contacts and add tags such as ‘Do not share party moments with’ and ‘DEAR GOD, YOU CALLED IN SICK YESTERDAY.

Many official accounts offer you the ability to do things like order food (Wagas) and reserve a table (Haidilao), all without leaving We Chat.

Functions vary by account, and you may need to know some Chinese to use them.

With so many convenience stores, malls and online shopping platforms, have you ever wondered whether you’re getting the best deal? Simply use the a far cry from its actual meaning: "Will you scan me?

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