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Driven by a highly reliable 125 cc 4-stroke engine that produces a smooth band of power, this economical motorcycle is one of the most rider friendly bikes in the class.

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It was launched in 1990, and was in its fourth generation in 2012.

The Clio has had substantial critical and commercial success, being consistently one of Europe's top-selling cars since its launch, and it is largely credited with restoring Renault's reputation and stature after a difficult second half of the 1980s.

Hopefully it will put up with my riding style, i.e. It is being Delivered to Azz’s tomorrow about so I will get some Photos then, and be fixing the broken throttle cable.

The specification of the Yamaha SR125 is: 100 Challenge Arduino Boating Books Camera Canals Car CCFE Culham Cycling Day Zero e Books Friends Geeky Hackspace HACMan Hosting Kindle London Mac Maker Manchester Mini Boy Geek Motor Cycle Narrowboat nb Kawartha Off The Grid Personal Photography Project 365 Projects Rant Raspberry Pi River Thames Swindon Tamarisk Task 16 - 100 Reading Challenge Task 22 - Live on a narrow boat for at least 6 months Tech Thames Walk Trains Transport Websites Wordpress Work by Philip 'Skippy' Mc Gaw is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://uk/contact-skippy/.

It is prone to severe understeer at high speeds, likely owing to its heavy weight.

It can also tip over and potentially land on the sides when steering heavily due to its high center gravity at medium-to-high speeds.

It will bring you all closer together, in a really dysfunctional, claustrophobic way.

You won't end up despising each other, honest." The Journey is a Chevrolet Winnebago Class C motorhome, featuring a cab-over extension.

In the enhanced version, the Journey has a fully detailed interior, with a carpet, various posters of half-naked women, a bed that looks like that of Trevor's Trailer, a stove and a sink.

Its interior is much more unkempt than the one seen in GTA San Andreas.

The acceleration is poor as are the brakes, but it is very sturdy and withstands a lot of ramming before giving out and exploding (for example, the one parked at the top of Mount Chiliad can survive the plunge off the top of the mountain without blowing up).

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