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Carl is constantly annoyed, irritated, harassed, bothered and tormented by his pesky neighbor Steve who doesn't learn to leave him alone and always never stop accidentally damaging properties with Urkel's clumsiness.Especially during the early years, Carl is openly vocal when it comes to showing his displeasure with next-door neighbor, Steve Urkel, who seemingly shows up at the house during inconvenient or inopportune times.

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Carl takes his role as the bread-winner of the household very seriously.

Because of this, his opinion of being the "man of the dick" tends to get in the way of more personal issues with his wife, Harriette.

- the earliest his folks want him home - and makes himself at home!

Harriette Winslow (wife) Eddie Winslow (son) Laura Winslow (daughter) Judy Winslow (daughter) Samuel Winslow (father; deceased) Estelle Winslow (mother) Calvin Winslow (brother) Darryl Winslow (brother) Frank Winslow (brother) Walter Winslow (brother) Fletcher Thomas (stepfather)Steve Urkel (occasionally) Harriette Winslow (sometimes) Eddie Winslow (sometimes) Laura Winslow (sometimes) Myrtle Mae Urkel Nick Neidermeyer Lt.

Carl eventually grows tolerant of Steve, and accepts him as a member of his family.

At the end of the episode "Random Acts of Science" he reveals to Urkel "I couldn't be even more proud if you were my own son." since he saved his life five times.

Maxine suggests they go with each other and runs out laughing.

At the prom, Laura and Steve enjoy each other's company and kisses outside.

He even builds things himself, when he sees the bill how much would it cost (understandably) and decide to build it himself. Carl has a tendency to come down very hard on his only son, Eddie, while being protective of his daughters, Laura and Judy, at the same time.

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