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These tumours can be deep within organs and therefore difficult to remove by surgery.Studies have shown the new radiation treatment, called selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT), gives patients an average survival of 30 months compared with 16 months for chemotherapy alone.

Though the reports states a catastrophe occurred, the report clearly reveals that the likely cause of this climate change was a volcanic eruption - not a nuclear explosion.

Though the report is unable to identify which volcano was responsible for this sudden climate shift, the report clearly correlates the presence of volcanic ash with the ensuing disasters.

But doctors report that some patients are living for much longer.

They have been retreated to keep the disease at bay, or their previously inoperable tumours have shrunk so they can be surgically removed. She was first diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer that had spread to her liver in December 2000, despite suffering no real symptoms except a severe bleed in October the same year.

Today, this has meant that some of the sites, such as Nazca, have received a more proper scientific study., which truly have made the New World as Old - if not older - revealing many parallels between the two continents.

To some extent, von Dniken has fought their battle, eased the scientific acceptance of Caral and like.

‘I’d had stomach cramps but my doctor had presumed that they were just down to my body recovering after having a baby.

Then I noticed bleeding,’ explains Elaine, who works in the export industry.

Dr Harpreet Wasun, oncologist at London’s Hammersmith Hospital, who helped lead the trials of SIRT, says the aim of treatment is to reduce the size of liver tumours so they can be surgically removed or shrunk so they don’t pose a threat to patients.

He adds: ‘The survival rate compared with chemotherapy alone is impressive.’ Mark Flannagan, chief executive of Beating Bowel Cancer, says: ‘We hope that the new recommendations by NICE will allow more patients to benefit from SIRT.’I was worried about having a treatment that was still being used only experimentally, but what choice did I have?

It is therefore clear that von Dniken has had an impact on archaeology, but, equally, since first airing the question whether or not we have alien ancestors, the answer has remained a negative: there is, four decades later, no hard evidence ET landed on Earth.

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