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Then, just a few weeks later, Stefani shocked the world with news that she and Gavin Rossdale had filed for divorce after 13 years together.Reps for both Stefani and Shelton did not return requests for comment.(E!

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However, according to another source who works with them on "They are definitely flirty on the set and you can see they have fun together," the source explains.

"There is something going on between them and they have spent time together off set.

At one point he evens ends up with one hand on her backside!

In another photo, Stefani—wearing her hair in a bun on the top of her head—is spotted looking up adoringly at Shelton as they chat at the spooky shindig.

They want it to stay under the radar and not make it a big public thing because who knows what will happen."Meanwhile, romance rumors began swirling around Shelton and Stefani after they both made headlines this summer for their respective divorces.

Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced their divorce in July after four years of marriage.

When I pulled away and suggested I was uncomfortable with this, especially so soon after meeting, one guy said, “You said you liked PDAs.” At the other end of the spectrum, some guys have said they like PDAs but don’t even take my hand when walking. For me, much of it has to do with how comfortable I am with my date.

Thus I learned that different people have different definitions of the meaning of this term. It also has to do with how respectful I feel he’s being.

There are no right or wrong dates, no right or wrong ways to do it and no right or wrong reasons for dating. Of course there are mixes of both extremes along the spectrum as well.

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