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Blocking is supposed to be something they don't realize you did.

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Sharing a plate of cheese fries now doesn’t mean you have to share your free sample of lube later. Your date’s killer sense of humor or smart and sassy conversation style might just transform them from a six back into a nine.

Attraction is more than skin deep, and if at the end of the date you still aren’t feeling it, at least you had a nice time and scored some positive dating karma for your next adventure.

Make sure you screenshot everything too -- they may stumble upon your profile and block you to save face.

Plus, screenshots are easy to share with your friends -- and cackling evilly with a group is just so much more fun than cackling alone. They’ll never know you were there, you Ok Cupid ninja you.

But then you meet them in person and suddenly it’s like someone fed your cute and cuddly Gizmo after midnight. One of the most important Ok Cupid tips is to remember that everyone on Ok Cupid is trying to put their best face forward.

You’re at the Cheesecake Factory with a full-blown gremlin. And if you listed your body type as “average” when you knew “a little extra” was a lot more truthful, then you don’t have much room to judge.

Your shapeshifting date might not even realize how many extra pounds or grey hairs they’ve gained since that college photo, so calling them out on it isn’t necessary -- it’s actually pretty cruel and futile.

After all, it’s not exactly going to change the situation, is it? Unless you’ve been seriously catfished and someone who you thought was a 100 lb woman shows up as a 300 lb man, there’s no harm in having dinner or finishing up a few frames of bowling.

” Keep it light and friendly and make sure each message you send is unique -- no copy and pasting!

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