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Evacuation orders are in place for parts of the Miami-Dade area and tens of thousands of Floridians have taken to the roads and to the sky to get out of the path of the storm.

A variety of live streaming web cameras are available online for those who want to monitor the impact of the storm as it hits Florida.

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When the cameras are used as part of a security system, it’s possible to check the images from a remote location.

This includes from any device with Internet access, such as mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.

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Video on your web page can come from a lot of different sources.

Because of this these IP cameras don’t need a battery or other power supply.

The only major downside to IP cameras is that the ability to access them over the Internet makes them potentially less secure.One that gives you complete control, though, is live streaming direct from you own IP cameras.Internet protocol cameras (IP cameras for short) are popular items for any use where separate full-function video cameras are called for. IP cameras have replaced the older closed-circuit type of video camera for most purposes.IP cameras with streaming video are often preferred for security systems.They can valuable for many other applications as well, though.This is because of their versatility and ease of access.

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