dating millionaires in toronto - New xbox experience not updating

Microsoft started addressing some of those performance issues with some updates earlier this year, but today’s Xbox One dashboard goes a step further.

Microsoft is once again moving the guide so it’s ordered horizontally.

new xbox experience not updating-22

You can switch between different sections using the Xbox controller bumpers or left thumbstick and d-pad.

Sign-in, achievements, parties / LFG, friends, Home, messages, broadcasts, and a new action center (with settings) now form part of the updated guide.

The friends tab has a brief overview of online avatars, but you have to navigate a step deeper to get more information.

A lot of the new update is designed to make you keep pushing further into menus to do things, and some will find that irritating at first.

And starting today, it’s apparently complete and is available to anyone with an Xbox One console.

(Note that these rollouts often take time, so you may not see the update immediately.) Here’s what you can expect: Updated Home.(I’m a bit surprised Microsoft is glossing over the removal of Snap.) Beam integration.As with the Creators Update for Windows 10, Microsoft has integrated its Beam streaming service into the Xbox One, providing gamers with an easy way to broadcast their gaming sessions, interact with viewers, find and view other gamers’ streaming, and more.Microsoft announced today that it is rolling out the Xbox One Creators Update, which provides improved Home and Guide experiences, Beam game streaming, and more.“We’ve released another big update that will begin rolling out to the Xbox One community starting today,” an Xbox representative told me this morning.It works very similar to how it has in the past, but it’s much quicker to switch sections with the controller now.

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