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I prefer this sort of pairing system, since it feels like you develop a relationship with a character more naturally!

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In particular, it’s based on the end of the period and covers the lives of the Shinsengumi members under Kondo Isami’s lead.

Therefore, certain characters are fated to die and/or become diagnosed with a terminal illness based on their real life counterparts.

He strongly believes in Hijikata, unlike a lot of the other members of the Shinsengumi, and is pretty much willing to do whatever it takes to protect the group.

In his story line, you end up clashing with Chikage again, but for different reasons.

This is not an official Naruto page and some of the content may not be appropriate for children.

If you're looking for fan-made Naruto spoofs and tributes made by in Flash, however, we've got what you're looking for!

I’m sure there are people who liked his route, but I was not a huge fan.

I like his character, but I am less interested in his route as a love interest.

Hajime Saito: Voice actor: Kosuke Toriumi (Kiba from Naruto, Sengoku from Prince of Tennis, Junpei from Persona 3) Gameplay goals: High affection, low corruption AKU SOKU ZAN. This Saito is the leader of the third division and the resident kuudere ^_^.

He initially comes off as cold, uncaring, and quiet, but your first few encounters with him show that he is an extremely loyal person who has a lot of respect for others.

I personally wasn’t well-acquainted with the history, and that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the game.

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