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It was also lonely not because the house was empty... no, it was lonely because I had no one to share my news with. we were both sinning by fucking my son (me committing incest and she committing adultery).

I wanted to confront her about this, still not knowing how it had all started, but I couldn't decide if I was mad or jealous or even approving... Plus, although her actions were wrong, they weren't illegal... On the one hand, it's likely better he lost his virginity to someone who wasn't his mother... In the same vein, it was good that his first time had been with someone I knew was a caring woman, and as the mother of two she obviously had some sexual experience, so must have been an adequate mentor at the very least. wanting to feel the validation from your friends that usually comes from the excitement of a new relationship. She definitely had become a confidante in the past while...

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even more submissive, as you will have welcomed your son into the most taboo of holes. I already offered it to him in the heat of the moment, kind of a futures option, but now I'm quite nervous... Momplusoneequalsfun: Do you have an adult store nearby? One will be really small and you will find it goes in easy. Curiousmom: I can't fathom asking someone for help. Trust me they have been asked much more difficult, kinky and shocking questions. Although I had come here to buy anal toys, I decided I was also going to enhance my sex toy collection... I was contemplating colour, not that it mattered, when a voice startled me from behind... which allowed me to see the tops of her stockings... She stood back up and asked, "When was the last time you bought a new vibrator? " "I think this is a good start," I said, before asking, "Is this good lube? Suffice it to say that over the next couple of days I sucked my son, I fucked my son, I discovered the joys of the rabbit and while he wasn't looking I prepared my ass for his big dick. The next morning, after getting my new breakfast shake... I straddled his still hard cock (God I loved the quick recovery time of a young, virile, man). "She's expecting me to come over tomorrow," he said, as I leaned forward and put both my hands on his chest as I began fucking him. " I asked, in a teasing tone, although deep down it was a serious question. "Oh, you're definitely enough for me," he smiled, as he watched me ride him.

Then have him finger your ass with one finger, then two and eventually three until your ass is well gaped. Momplusoneequalsfun: Yeah, it's opening your asshole up slowly so that there is less intense pain the first time he penetrates you. although don't kid yourself, the first time will hurt... but once you let go and get used to having a cock slamming your asshole you will be a new woman... The vibrator section alone had a couple hundred options, in every length and girth, in a variety of shapes from old school sleek flesh tone vibrator, to 'C' shaped, to black no-way-that-fucker-would-ever-fit-in-me, to unique, like one called a Rabbit. It had a variety of speeds and pulsations and seemed to vibrate on the inside as well as the clit. " Instantly I was flustered, I stammered, "I-I-I was just looking." "That rabbit is a great choice," the pretty woman said as she bent down to pick up the box... After a pause, she asked, "Are you looking for anything else? Ten minutes later, I was back in my car with anal toys, a new vibrator, a pair of crotchless pantyhose and a sexy cheerleader outfit two sizes too small, as I had a fun plan to let my son fuck a cheerleader... I won't bore you with the details because there are a couple of life changing episodes I can hardly wait to tell you about. "And maybe I'll explore my lesbian side for you," I said, the idea oddly getting my cunt wet. "Maybe," I shrugged playfully, as I began riding him. I pushed the depressing thought out of my head as I began riding him faster.

Curiousmom: You mean like wearing his cum all over my face while we left the theatre? She was helping the two women, so I walked around in awe of the technical advancements in the world of toys since my college years. "I'm definitely surprised," I nodded with a wicked smile, before adding, thinking of my son's big cock, "Although I do enjoy big things." "Don't we all," she agreed. We kissed for a couple of minutes before I said, "I love you, son." "I love you too, Mom," he said back.

If you can't ask a saleslady in a sex shop for advice, how will you handle it when he begins requiring you to do stuff in public? Hot pink hosiery added a sexy touch to her otherwise conservative apparel. "You'd really want to watch me sixty-nine with my best friend? "I want to do with you, Mom," he smiled, leaning up and kissing me.

Momplusoneequalsfun: It will add another level of trust and intimacy between you and your son. Momplusoneequalsfun: That is the ultimate euphoria and ultimate purpose of a mother. Curiousmom: On that note, what do I have to do to get to go to one of these Incest island getaways?

Momplusoneequalsfun: There is no purer love than one between a mother and a son.

Momplusoneequalsfun: Besides me, of course :) Curiousmom: Sorry! "God, Mom, you're going to wear me out before the day even starts," he joked, as he got off the bed.

where I instantly realized why she had asked man or woman when I saw dozens of strap-on cocks in a variety of colours and sizes and a pretty blonde girl who barely looked old enough to be here examining the big one in her hand. It was then I realized that today he would have deposited a load in each of my three holes when I gave him my ass tonight.

It was more like a well maintained variety store, light and airy and clean.

After finishing my coffee, I headed to the adult store across town, not wanting to end up accidentally bumping into someone I knew. I imagine like an underage boy going into a strip club. I had somehow imagined a dingy, dirty place with creepy men everywhere. Momplusoneequalsfun: So given up that back door yet?

First, it's only for leverage in case you ever decided to out the group (which I know you wouldn't want to do) and second, it's a lot of fun.

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