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Residents and visitors can access board minutes, dates for important meetings, opportunities for new businesses, downtown development plans, our goals, emergency numbers, and contact information, just to name a few. Ignace History Our history dates back more than 300 yrs and is rich with Native American, Europeans, French, and American history.

Our city leaders are committed to enhancing, developing, preserving, and providing an optimum place to live, create a business and visit. It is the third oldest continuously inhabited city in the U. and has thrived because of its rich soil and waterways. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit religion.

*** Lesson Details ***You will learn to play with ease and proficiency while learning the Music Theory that supports your playing.

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Situated on the hills bordering the beautiful Portage Waterway, Houghton offers a bounty of recreational opportunities all year long.

Our renowned waterfront provides adventure and relaxation for a multitude of interests and is supplemented by various neighborhood parks and trails.

Each student then starts to learn their major scales with both right and left hand for piano.

They also learn the note values, and are able to put them together in a song.

I began our lessons with almost no knowledge of the language and already I have learned how to construct basic sentences, ask and answer simple questions, politely order food, count, tell time, and conjugate verbs. " After studying at Cass Tech High School and Wayne State University in MI, I have enjoyed teaching privately, in groups, and at churches, I have performed vocally and instrumentally throughout the US and in 8 foreign countries, and taught at public, charter, and private schools.

I actually learned more in our first lesson than in the entire month I tried to teach myself, because even though I was very motivated to learn, much of the information I found on the internet was either incorrect or incomplete. It is important to tailor each lesson to a student's individual needs and ability to ensure that their experience is as rewarding as possible!

I received my Bachelor of Arts from Marygrove College in Detroit in Language Arts with minors in Music Education and History,and my Masters Degree from Wayne State University in Education with emphasis on English as a Second Language and Sign Language for the Deaf.

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