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She told Monica that Helena had called to check on Nikolas and that A. As Elizabeth asked that question, she had a vivid memory of Nikolas very sincerely telling Elizabeth that there had only been one time in the recent past when he had not thought of Emily and that had been a time he had spent with Elizabeth. Monica encouraged Elizabeth to get some rest, but Elizabeth said that she wanted to be around when Nikolas woke up. J., was wrong, like it had been wrong for Elizabeth to get involved with Nikolas.

I'm continuing here instead of starting over somewhere else b/c my memories in this space date back to our wedding day over 6 years ago and I want to keep everything together.

She said that he was not a typical Cassadine because he had a conscience, and he was not cold and cruel like his grandmother, Helena.

Elizabeth rose, kissed Nikolas on the forehead, and left the room. Grandmother Audrey approached, hugged Elizabeth, and asked how she could help. Michael said that he hoped that the therapy worked.

He inquired if Sonny knew which personality would emerge.

Bobbie and Carly exchanged confidences at Carly's house. Carly was tearful as she told Bobbie how Jason's death had left a big hole in her heart and caused her to appreciate more deeply the people that she loved.

After Bobbie brought Carly up to speed on Lulu's kidnapping and Nikolas' condition. When Bobbie asked what Jason would want for her, Carly said that Jason would want her to be happy and that for a time she had thought that she was. Once alone, Monica told Tracy that she had been thinking about Emily lately and about Emily's gift for knowing the difference between right and wrong. J., wrong and that Monica was throwing Tracy out of the Quartermaine mansion, which Monica owned. Monica responded that she would have the police arrest Tracy for trespassing.

This space has kind of been empty for a while and I haven't known what to do with it, nor have I had time for it or thought much about it. Just mainly picture updates on life and the kids starting with our 6 week west coast family vaca that we took Aug 1st to mid Sept...

Two kids under two and running a home business is no joke, but I think I've decided that it's going to be an "online scrapbook" of sorts and in no way a blog... I forgot a camera, so I only have poor quality iphone photos that probably will look pretty crappy when enlarged on this space.

Sonny said that by then, Carly and Jax had also been in the mix. Michael said that he loved Sonny and that he was glad to have grown up with Sonny, who would always be his dad.

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