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While as a nation it’s a day to rejoice, it’s extra special for our family, as my brother and I recently got engaged to our respective partners but I refused to set a date until my brother could legally marry his partner over here.

After today’s results, we’ve set dates within a week of each other so our family and friends can come over from Dublin to attend both weddings.

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It wasn’t our idea and we weren’t alone, and lots of #diyrainbows appeared in all sorts of places at home and abroad, from Brisbane to Brooklyn.

Today marks progress, and symbolises, at great expense, what Australians have wanted all along, because love is love.

Australians celebrated as the country voted overwhelmingly for same-sex marriage, paving the way for legislation by the end of 2017.

Australia will become the 26th nation to formalise the unions if the legislation is passed.

Video: Reuters Craig Mc Mahon (grey cardigan) with his brother Alan (taking the pic), his partner Peter (white jacket) and my partner Simone (black top).

‘After today’s results we’ve set dates for our weddings within a week of each other.’ Parades and parties have been taking place across Australia today as people celebrate the Yes result in a postal survey on marriage equality.

I’ve a smile from ear to ear, and happy tears in my eyes.

As an Irish person living in Australia, this campaign has been doubly painful.

Australia has finally taken the lead from the example set by Ireland.

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