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I could also tell from his behavior he seemed to be romantically interested in me, and he’d drop hints over lunch and around the office.

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And, as a result, there is little to no confusion about what constitutes appropriate or inappropriate behavior with a co-worker.

I have made it through life thus far without ever flirting or having made a pass at a guy in a job-related context.

How will people ever get dates or get married if all workplace flirting is verboten, they ask? I was engaged years ago but broke up with the louse.

I just saw such another example on last night’s episode of Fox cable news “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” where Carlson interviewed a psychiatrist who is worried that people (I suppose, men especially) don’t feel comfortable flirting with people on the job thanks to “Me Too,” a twitter hash tag that brought attention to sexual harassment. I met my ex through an internet friend, not on a job.

(Unless you want to get into sub-categories of abusive men who feel entitled to abuse and harass women; they are another breed altogether, and a sub-category of men who are blind to sexist biases they hold.) I really am not comprehending the criticism that the Me Too trend has gone “too far” or is bad, all because a few dudes may now feel too intimidated to flirt with a woman on a job or compliment her on her new dress.

Such men can join Tinder, Yahoo Personals, e Harmony, or whatever online avenues singles are using these days to meet other singles, because most people on those sites are looking for dates, so there is no ambiguity.

When I had full time or part time jobs, I was there to work. Not to be on the receiving end of passes, sexy comments, or groping.

For all the women out there who like to insist, “But I met my spouse on the job!

You’re at your job to perform a duty, not get dates or get laid.

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