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No kissing or handholding was involved.” By contrast, my dates with guys have usually consisted of hanging out on the couch.Sometimes I wish my dating life was more like my grandma’s was back in the 1950s.But our grandparents tried again with us, planted the Grandma Syndrome seed in our brains, and we instead said, "Grandma is kind of badass.

Georgia*, 23, was with her boyfriend throughout all four years of college.

Though they were happy together, she did wonder if she'd maybe chosen the wrong four years to be in a serious relationship.

I’m working on it and I hope others will keep joining me. I have two beautiful children and I am a single mom. I joined i Bi L because I want to share my experiences with others that are in the same position I am in hopes it helps them through.

Grandma and grandpa are getting it on, and we need to get over it."People look at disability and age as a problem, " sexuality educator Melanie Davis said.

Now, an Instagram profile called 'Banned Grandmas' has been created by Holly Dagres to show solidarity.

It started when Dagres posted a picture of her Iranian gran under the hashtag #Grandparents Not Terrorists and realised how many others were in similar positions.

She remembers expressing that niggling thought to her grandma right after she graduated, who'd always thought Georgia's boyfriend was a "nice boy." She was surprised when her grandma backtracked.

"I remember her saying that even though he was a nice boy, there were a million other nice boys for me to meet," Georgia explained.

I don’t think I’d be struggling as much to find a good man to marry and raise a family with if we still dated like they did in the past with marriage in mind.

Maybe if I choose to date differently—more intentionally—I can change things.

Molly, a 21-year-old, said her grandma "always tells me to be picky with boys" and has never encouraged her to be in any kind of relationship.

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