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Open any of these websites you like and paste the video URL you copied earlier.Wait few minutes for the video to process and download once ready.

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Hit the button and it will ask you to choose quality. You will find many things in Chinese on the app but once you start digging, soon you will find your way. Napster Music got a huge catalog for 30 million songs to listen and download for offline music playback.

Another highest rated free song downloader available on playstore. The best thing is Napster is free of ads thus make it’s a pleasant experience.

Free Jamendo apps for Android, Windows phone, i Phone, and i Pad are also available.

The site covers thousands of artists, and the number of available tracks runs into the hundreds of thousands.

Interestingly not only it plays songs, but you can also download music for free with the app.

Just do the search for a song, keep scrolling until you find the desired song and there is a download button in the right side.

Similar to other music downloading app this app also ask users to search for songs by title, artist or album.

But one good thing is it also allows to stream music so you can preview a song before downloading.

Most of us love listening, singing along with it and dancing to the beat.

And now technology makes it more fun, and accessible as smartphones replace mp3 Player or any portable walkman devices.

The link allows downloading the apk file found online.

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