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: Turkey practices safe sanitation standards, as tap water is suitable for bathing and regular tasks such as brushing teeth and so forth.

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: Turkish food is plentiful, delicious and prepared with fresh-from-the garden ingredients.

A meal usually begins with a soup or several of the many traditional meze (hor d’oeuvres) followed by a fish or meat dish such as “shish kebab” or a mixed grill served with rice and cooked vegetables.

Dessert may be fresh fruit, sweets or a pastry such as a “baklava”.

: The national monetary unit is the Turkish lira (TL).

This device is divided into two types according to the way in which they work: FIFO (first in first out) the first log loaded on the accumulator is the first unloaded, and LIFO (last in first out) where the last log loaded is the first one unloaded.

Shrine Clubs meet in the "outlying" areas of Nile Shriner jurisdiction and provide an opportunity for fun, fellowship, information, entertainment and fund-raising. Many Shrine Clubs host screening clinics for potential patients for our Shriners Hospitals for Children.Along with the rest of continental Europe, the clock is advanced one hour during summer -from the end of March to the end of September- almost a month earlier than the UK, the US and Canada.Therefore keep in mind that the time difference with these countries is one hour greater for some weeks in April and October.Some foreign guests may complain that tap water appears cloudy because of the high-chlorine content (useful in ensuring a safe drinking supply).We recommend that visitors practice local customs and drink bottled water, which is almost always served routinely with any meal.Furthermore, drinking the very popular Turkish coffee adds another unique experience to one’s visit. Black Sea, Central and Eastern Anatolia: Summer wear, warmer clothing should be taken for cool evenings at high altitudes. Your appliances will need a converter, as well as an International Plug. The population in Greece is 10, 939, 771 according to the 2001 census.

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