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I might have a problem with my Offline Address Book in Outlook.For me, new colleagues are not showing up and the contact pictures aren’t displaying either.Therefore, if you are working in Cached Exchange Mode and if you are working online — that is, your connection status is Connected to Microsoft Exchange — Outlook uses both the offline address book and the GAL to provide a complete listing of user information.

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I shouldn't have to do this, if I move a user from one location to another it should automatically pick it up when the OAB schedule kicks off.

The only changes we've made is we recently upgraded all domain controllers from 2003 to 2008 R2 and raised the forest/domain functional levels.

I have to go into the EMC, edit the address lists, go through the editing wizard (making no changes) and then manually update the OAB.

After all this, the changes will appear in the GAL.

Therefore, not all the information in the GAL is available in the offline address book.

The following information in the GAL isn’t available in the offline address book: Outlook must be able to access Exchange to obtain this information.Note: If you are using Cached Exchange Mode, we recommend that you download the full details of the offline address book.This reduces the number of times the Outlook window might become unresponsive and the number unnecessary connections to the Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory.The offline address book contains the properties of a user, such as email addresses, that Microsoft Outlook requires to send an email message and display information about the sender.By using an offline address book, Outlook doesn’t have to connect to Microsoft Exchange Server to resolve names or open the records for each user.My problem is quite simple, the GAL is not updating. We have address lists for each location (Halifax, Toronto, etc).

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