Excel 2016 data labels not updating

Many people have asked for a simplified, generic template only providing the tooltips on a standard XY Scatter chart.Next, reader Will Clark came up with the great idea of using a camera object instead of a simple textbox, in order to have more formatting options.

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Article updated on August 25, 2017 You can easliy change data labels in a chart.

Select a single data label and enter a reference to a cell in the formula bar.

However, without further chart elements (like data labels) or interactive features (like tooltips), there is no way to easily explore and analyze the data in detail, e.g. But what if you want to analyze the data in more detail and get some information about e.g.

the country at bottom left with a relatively low fertility rate of ~2.5 and a life expectancy of only ~47 years?

The second technique is a slight variation of the first one: instead of using a simple textbox and changing the text via VBA, a camera object is used as the tooltip: The major advantage of technique 2 is the option to format the text of the tooltip as you like.

Last year, I discovered another technique to implement interactivity on Excel charts.

The post described the weaknesses of Microsoft Excel’s standard chart tooltips and provided a VBA-based technique how to get to customizable, meaningful and more useful tooltips in Excel.

Today, I would like to revisit this topic for several reasons: Firstly, Microsoft hasn’t done anything about this shortcoming in the versions 20.

The disadvantage: the tooltips are only visible if the chart is selected, i.e.

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