East asian men difficulty dating single parent dating dillingham alaska

So they could have just aborted me, and we’d call it even.

I’ll flat-out say it: from the perspective of someone seeking a long-term life partner, preferably in the next decade, American white women just aren’t, in aggregate terms, very good.

So in the animal world, hybrids often don’t reproduce not just because of genetic sterility, but because of sexual selection.

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They put up with my assholery and tantrums during adolescence. But what is “I” other than the sum total of nature and nurture? The Y-chromosome of a white man who couldn’t mate with a white woman, and the X-chromosome of a woman who finds the features of another race more attractive than the genes she carries in her own ovaries. I’m sure all American-born Asians can relate to feeling like a white man in an Asian body.

And they gave me a chance to prove them wrong, and I failed.

Sure, some individual American white women are great– my mother is an American-born white woman, and my parents are still together after 35 years– but there are far too few of them.

The odds are long, and the good ones out there are usually taken.

Those who are like me, and don’t care about a woman’s race in the least, will discover that there are several full of beautiful, charming, intelligent women who blow America’s suburban-bred office-cows and casual-sexing divorce monkeys so far out of the water they land in Poland (and, if they know what’s good for them, they’ll take lessons from the local gals). They have college degrees and careers, and demand equality in relationships.

I feel a need to clear up some misconceptions, propagated by panicking and jealous U. white women, about American white men who pursue international and interracial relationships. The fact that they return calls, initiate sex, and support their lovers rather than trying to compete with them is acquiescence.

Rote-learning without any real creativity or understanding.

Take all the Asian stereotypes and put them on me personally, and Model Minority becomes my personal psychological issues, since your oh so color blind.

They put money on my stock, and I was a bad investment. If I wasn’t a freak, I had my chance to prove it, and if I hadn’t been a freak, my biography would be a very different story.

Of course I never asked to be born an Eurasian-American male, living in the culture of 21st century America, offspring of a white man, and an Asian woman who chooses to sleep with a white man over Asian men.

Take every single insult you can throw at a man (yes even intelligence is an insult in a geeky nerdy way), and you have the stereotype of the Asian man.

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