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alum, who played bad boy Jesse opposite Miley Cyrus on the last two seasons of the Disney Channel hit, took to Instagram to share the first photo of his and wife Renee's newborn son.

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Spencer: [Spencer is playing a game where Sam says the first word that comes into her head.] Monster.

[slowly moves drill towards Peter's face] Griffin: I'm back! [quickly lowers drill] Griffin: Okay look, if you can't accept my hobby, Then, maybe we should break up. Peewee Babies: [Carly imagines them circling Griffin´s head] Whee!

After Spencer walks in on them kissing, he attempts to ground Carly "for till college." Carly deceives Spencer and tries to see Griffin at any time possible.

Griffin invites Carly to his house, and she is shocked to learn that he collects and obsesses over Pee Wee Babies (a parody of Beanie Babies).

Sam asks Freddie to make a website for her in order to put up all the disgusting videos she collected, which he does. [with a dreamy look] It's actually kind of a rush...

But when Sam becomes too demanding, constantly asking to make many changes to the site, he rips up the contract they made. Carly: (After Spencer caught her kissing Griffin) Well, Wendy and I were trying to study but Griffin kept turning up the music, so Wendy got frustrated and left, then I told Griffin he was obnoxious and he said I should "rent a sense of humor" and I said "Oh really? Griffin: [to Carly] If I go to your apartment, your brother's gonna taze me or something. Carly: [to Griffin] Why don't you steal something and go, "Duhh, I stole something"? When Spencer dresses up as a monster to find out Sam's reaction, she beats him (as shown in one of the opening credits of season 3) and Spencer ends up having the nightmare instead of Sam. Carly: [to Spencer] Are you folding that laundry or assaulting it? [Carly is telling Sam about Griffin's collection of Pee Wee Babies] Sam: Griffin collects Pee Wee Babies?! (means "good morning, girls" in Spanish) Carly: Freddie, we need your opinion. [Carly reveals to Sam that Griffin collects Pee Wee Babies and Freddie walks in] Freddie: Buenos días, muchacha-latas. Freddie: [gives Sam a look and looks back to Carly] Carly: What would you think of someone who..... In 2009, he landed the role of Griffin (recurring in two episodes - i Date A Bad Boy and i Beat the Heat) on i Carly.

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