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For example, I often torture a client's genitals as part of a scene, but I never manipulate them to orgasm.

Keeping that line is really important for several reasons.

You can't become a dominatrix without learning how to be a submissive first.

Plus, like other independent contractors, we don't have any benefits or sick days, so if you can't work, you lose that money. Before I started working at the dungeon, I knew nothing about cock and ball torture, but people will really pay hundreds of dollars to get their balls crushed.

Let me tell you, balls are not as delicate as you'd think.

For example, most people don't instinctively know how to safely suspend someone from the ceiling with ropes, or how to aim a flogger, or how long you can reasonably keep someone stretched out on a rack while tickling them before you cause shoulder damage. The amount of time you'll spend training largely depends on how much experience you have when you come in, but in general, you'll train as a sub anywhere from a few months to over a year.

There isn't really a formalized training process, but you are encouraged to learn from the women who've been there longer, and you need to eventually prove that you have the necessary skills to be dominatrix. You'd better be emotionally intelligent because people are usually working through some really weird stuff.

I definitely get creeped out by certain requests that delve into child molestation or rape territory, because it's tough to know if the client is working out their inner demons from childhood or if it's something more insidious.

Thankfully, we do always have the ability to call off a session if it gets too emotionally intense for us. Some clients might just want you to talk to them like a therapist.

First of all, in cities outside certain parts of Nevada, offering sexual services in exchange for money is illegal.

Second, no dungeon wants to become a place where guys come in saying they want cock and ball torture, but really just want hand jobs (though the idea of "cock and ball torture" usually scares those guys away). Being a dominatrix requires a ton of technical skill and in-depth training.

Knowing how to safely restrain people and cause them pain without injuring them isn't something you can just show up and figure out as you go.

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