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How will children interact with potential step-siblings?

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I had been working hard to repair my life for several years…

Even if a person is seeking a decree of nullity of the sacrament, until the decree is received, dating would fall under the realm of adultery.

Even the thought of dating after a divorce or annulment is enough to cause shudders in the lives of those who understand what that truly means, and yet there comes a time in the lives of most divorced Catholics to ask whether or not to begin dating again.

Pressure from society, even from loving, well-meaning friends and family, often encourages the divorced to begin dating quickly after divorce.

Despite the risks involved and the opening oneself (and one’s children) up for more potential heartbreak, most divorced and annulled do think of dating again, and I am no exception.

I remember my ex telling me that I’d find someone quickly. I remember seeing my children in all their boyish glory (that is sometimes not so glorious! I probably could find someone to date quickly if I wanted, but I didn’t want that. I had let my fears, my doubts, and my insecurities get the better of me, and I didn’t want that again.

Give your children time to get used to having dad gone before looking like you’re trying to replace him.

No one wants to think the next relationship will not work out, but divorce statistics for second marriages are even higher than those for first marriages.

To complicate matters further, previous marriage and past sexual activity presents obstacles for a partner who no longer sees value in being chaste outside of marriage.

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