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It is never a victimless profession, but there are a lot of exhibitionists too. Black Rayne However as an industry standard(adult entertainment) we will provide what most models can expect to receive for compensation. They are industry standard rates, some may be more, some maybe less.) Adult Photo Shoot 5.00-300.00Adult Video Shoot (Solo) Adult Video Shoot (Duo/Group) 0.00-00.00 Tier 1 Models (newbies or unknown) 0.00 1st Shoot Tier 2 Models 0-550.00 per shoot Tier 3 Models 0-700 per shoot Tier 4 Models 0-1000.00 per shoot Tier 5 Models 00 per shoot **Please note if you have NEVER done adult work before or have done work but we can verify then you will start at beginner pay which is 0 per shoot.The more you’ve done the more we can offer you** **Our company also provides incremental pay increases for models who have tenure with the company.The truth is that a well hung and built black gay man doesn't have to do porn to be a successful escort who makes much more money than any porn performer or any white male escort.

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But to tell truth I done like 8 or 9 scenes with him and with exception for 2 They were Filmed Terrible.

(lol) Yo The tops couldn't get hard and couldn't nut.

After that he was only as good as the bottom he was working with.

& Castro was only interesting during his early solos & his few bottoming scenes. I heard a rumor years ago that these 2 were lovers for a brief period.

Mike Mann is one of the hottest motherfuckers I've ever seen in gay porn. Too bad as a performer he's about as dull as a warm glass of tap water.

He truly fits the bill as a legit gay-for-pay porn star. The answers to your question are pretty much presented in this thread. I thought Tiger Tyson was married--not that that means anything.

His last message was I'm Send u yo Confrimation number Tomorrow 2weeks ago. I'm A Verry Self Loving Brother I Takes Care of Me !!! I'll start with the first few; OP, you sir are an idiot! This post is dedicated to OP and the all the other retards posting; who never seem to get proper recognition. It's a shame that the black guys with the biggest asses in studio porn are all straight. Newcomer Dominic Santos has a fine ass too, he has really taken off.

He was talking n after shoot no more talking and I guess no more Payments . He doesn't Test non of His Artist since 2012 when I started first 3 times I no some them young Models don't have a Clue What it is They Agreed to. Some people were not feeling him because they think he acts like a white queen.

Troy from Taggaz is listed on Boyscort & the Chocolate Drop classified. Sometimes if you send a quick email or DM to these they'll tell you if they're available whether you're interested or not. R65 , Both Tiger Tyson & Castro were shitty performers.

R63 , Andre Bolla was always a hot & hairy older bear. Tiger was hot enough to pull off his Top Only/No Foreplay shtick when he was younger but it got tedious the older he got as his looks faded.

SEXY the way he licks the cum off first and kisses him with it right there. Buff jock guys like Robert Craig, Hagan/Taj (Fratpad, Corbin Fisher, Chaosmen), Chad (Sean Cody), Riddick Stone (Nextdoor), Carter (Corbin Fisher), Dante (Sean Cody), Sean Zevran, Adrian Hart, Dominic Santos (RB), Robert Axel, and Jay Landford (Randy Blue). The "thug" stuff has its place, but we should have more diversity. FYI (although it is barely readable)Wednesday, November 13, 2013Adult Star Tango speaks out on Arguement with Black Rayne owner Que Of course I am very privileged to bring a lot of hot stories to the viewers of The Scoop. A few weeks ago story broke that Adult Entertainer, Tango formerly of Black Rayne's "Breed it Raw", was not paid for his most recent scene.

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