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And before you get all weird about it, those drawing a paycheck on augmented reality’s account are quick to reassure that watching TV inside your head will “reduce technological distractions,” and that such a collision of the physical and digital worlds will most certainly result in “greater balance.” More balance and fewer distractions sure would be nice, and one can only imagine the serene equilibrium that will reign once Elon Musk rolls out a retail version of Neuralink, an ultra-thin mesh implanted in the brain to provide a direct interface between Man and Machine.

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But the Io T concept is less about having the ability to minutely control your physical and intellectual environments than about not having to.

Within the Internet of Things, people don’t just talk to their car, their TV, their hot water heater and their latte machine, those things talk to each other, too, in concept forming a cooperatively self-directed bubble of all-but-autonomous comfort and convenience around their blithe human dependent.

Fact is, the next era of communication is well begun as the Internet of Things (Io T).

It’s getting harder to buy any powered appliance these days that can’t be connected to the Cloud and manipulated through a smartphone, and the number and variety of Io T-capable devices is accelerating by leaps and bounds.

Indeed, the latest in agriculture transformation is the robotic home farming system.

Currently under development by Farm Bot, the Genesis XL home farming system, for example, lets John and Jane Q.

The better things get, the faster things get better, so to speak, and the more often we all feel like strangers in a strange land.

The evidence for accelerating change is abundant and persuasive, and the principle works for just about everything.

For those less conversant on the topic, technological singularity is the point at which technology becomes autonomously self-improving, sparking a runaway cycle of instant upgrade and throwing human society into a perpetual state of transformation.

Some folks think technological singularity will be great.

Just 125 years later it’s estimated that less than two percent of Americans are directly involved with agriculture, more than 60 percent of American farming is accomplished using hyper-efficient GPS-guided semi-autonomous tractors, and experts predict that fully autonomous combine harvesters will be feeding much of the country by 2025.

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