Dating site for beautiful people

I am going to cancel my membership as this site needs a revamp. Zero communication, makes the free version completely useless. Yes, I require certain criteria: have to have teeth and good hygiene, have to be able to hold an intellectual conversation and must have some job. I constantly get flirts and when I respond, they don't respond back. Sorry for those of you that don't fall into this category but you are very hard to find. I am a great person and I deserve so much more than what this website has to offer. I'm a man seeking a woman & when I look through the yes/no choices, multiple men have shown up. Don't waste your time here & especially don't give them your money.

ODDPeople add me as a favorite and then their profile is unavailable. A note to all people that are serious about finding a match...don't use this site. This site used to allow you as a free member to view messages, who has viewed you, etc.

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Now you can't even see who has viewed you, or said yes to your pictures.

Most other sites at least allow you that as a free member.

Never have a problem cancelling my membership after a month.

You just have to be sure what settings to shut off payment stay shut off over the last few days.

My experience with Senior People Meet and BBPeople Meet is that they are basically a glorified database and deny vital access to non-paid members.

The sites are highly expensive for the services that you do get and the old school search engines.

This is an online dating site for plus-sized singles.

On BBPeople, you can meet big and beautiful men and women who have created a comfortable community where your weight doesn’t matter.

(I was a paid member then) He was more than surprised and said that he remembered once having viewed my profile, but not after that as he felt we were not compatible. At first, this was a minor inconvenience and I thought it was a glitch.

Soon, I found myself having to re-input ALL the personal info every 24 hours.

You get a message that someone fave'd you, but when you go to look it disappears.4. I am serious about finding a person to spend the rest of my life with.

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