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She is very proud of her accomplishments especially when seeing them perform to their fullest, and has been shown several times to be quite intelligent and perceptive, though these traits also give Rakshata a certain amount of arrogance.

She affectionately refers to her technological creations as her "children" and treats them with such care, she also becomes enraged when others carelessly mishandle or tamper with them without her permission.

After Lelouch's death, Rakshata is freed along with everyone else.

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This renders anything within the field invisible to radar, and can aid in the blooming of hadron-based beam weaponry.

In Season 2, Rakshata was able to develop a similar Float System called the Air Glide System for the Black Knights' Knightmares.

The Black Knights members are distraught and seperated in terms of what to do with Zero missing.

Due to Rakshata's Gefjun Distruber which also has a byproduct of a stealth system allows the Black Knights to wait for Zero to make contact.

Upon the formation of the UFN and the reorganization of the Black Knights as its military force, Rakshata is designated as the Chief of Science, similar to her previous position within the Black Knights.

She reacts to the Black Knights' betrayal of Zero with apathy, more concerned with the aftermath. Fuji, Rakshata appears with Lloyd and the others, questioning them on why they decided to betray Lelouch.During the Assault on Tokyo Settlement, Rakshata is seen at Ashford Academy attempting to dismantle the Lancelot which is once again trapped in her Gefjun Disturber.However, Nina appears with the Ganymede which has a prototype nuclear fission bomb attached to it forcing Lloyd to tell everybody to ceasefire.She is never seen without her thin brown corn cob pipe, which she typically holds at the tip with her fingers as if holding a conductor's baton.Rakshata is a calm person, she almost always maintains a cool and seemingly carefree attitude no matter what the situation and is never seen without her trademark tobacco pipe.Rakshata makes her first appearance to meet with Zero and the Black Knights, whom she and India had already been supporting for some time.

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