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Parties can marry at a younger age, but with both parental and judicial consent. With parental consent, parties can marry at age seventeen with the exception that if one party does not have a parent who resides in the state and one party has been a resident in Oregon for at least six months, then no permission is necessary.

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This patchwork system creates ambiguity that Moore and his defenders have exploited, using the fact that 16 is the age of consent in Alabama to create the impression that there's some uncertainty about the moral status of a man in his 30s who pursues high school age girls.

It's a typical strategy for excusing this kind of predatory behavior.

To be clear, these laws should not be written in such a way as to allow punishment of minors for having sex with each other, or for an 18-year-old who has sex with a 16- or 17-year-old partner.

Consensual, age-appropriate relationships among young people who feel ready for them can be healthy and safe.

Religious conservatives will object, of course, because they want to marry teen girls off who get pregnant.

But perhaps strengthening these laws will help religious conservatives rethink their objections to allowing abortion and contraception for teenagers who need it. Most people grasp that a man older than 30 chasing 18- and 19-year-olds is incredibly creepy, even if he's on the right side of the law.

No good comes from having the age of consent as low as 16 or 17.

The only people it benefits are men who struggle to get dates with women who are old enough to know better.

(Other statutory laws apply.) California offers some spousal rights for registered same-sex domestic partners. With parental consent males can marry under age sixteen, females at fourteen, and younger parties may receive a license under special circumstances. In order to ensure that you're complying with the requirements for a valid marriage in your state, you may want to contact a local family law attorney.

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