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If I’m dealing with many datetimes and I need to parse various inputs, generate different formats, and do lots of calculations, then a convenient and uniform API can go a long way towards code maintainability.The extra glue code needed to make different modules cooperate can quickly obscure the actual intent of the program.

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Hmm, for what it's worth, the stat function in the script needlessly performs a second stat(2) system call; the previous "-f" has just done a stat and left the results conveniently sitting around, all error-checked and safe and ready for our use, via the special "_" filehandle.

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I use Net:: LDAP and Date:: Manip in the perl script.

The corresponding packages on SLES are: The user that is used for this script only needs to have the following rights: Entry: Browse, Inherit (for the entire tree) Attribute: Object Class & ndspkinotafter – Read, Compare, Inherit The easiest way to use this script would be to create a cron job on one server that runs once a week.That fundamental problem is that despite the fact that almost all the possible functionality you could want exists, it is scattered over a large number of incompatible modules.For example, my $time1 = str2time($date_string); # Date:: Parse # Today() from Date:: Calc returns # date information for an epoch time my ($y1, $m1, $d1) = Today($time); my ($y2, $m2, $d2) = Add_Delta_Days($y1, $m1, $d1, 7); my $time2 = Date_to_Time($y2, $m2, $d2); print strftime('%B %d, %Y', $time2); But I want convenience.Mar 13, 2003 by Dave Rolsky In order to understand what you might want to do with dates and times, it’s good to have a handle on some basic concepts.Here are some terms that I’ll be using in this article: There are a lot of things you can do with dates and times, and different modules/distributions provide different types of functionality.In order to make my project sound cool, I’m calling it the “Perl Date Time Suite”, which sounds much better than “more date and time modules”.

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