Computer keeps updating when shutting down courtship vs dating difference

Deleting Failed Windows Updates Cures System Sluggishness Windows Update has the job of keeping your computer up to date with the latest security patches and fixes from Microsoft.

But for reasons that remain shrouded in mystery, sometimes those updates fail. The first step is to open Windows Update and check the update history of your computer. (On XP systems, click Start, then All Programs then Windows Update.) Next, click “View Update History.” (On Windows 10, you need to click “Advanced Options” to see the “View History” option.) If you see several “failed” updates, that may well be your problem.

Have you recently scanned your PC using the Trend Micro program? Power interruption or issue with the power supply or UPS of the PC.

Please try to connect your PC to the power outlet on the wall.

There might have been an issue with the hardware on your PC.

Did you just recently install anything to your PC before the issue occurred? It is also possible that this issue is being caused by a malware on your PC.

If you disable “Install Updates and Shut Down”, you will not find this option in the Power button of Windows 8, even when any critical Update will available to installat for your Windows 8. Press Windows key R and type in Run dialog box, hit Enter. Next, navigate to, Local computer policy - Windows Update 3. Install Update and Shut Down option will not available in Power button any more.

Double-click on Do not display ‘Install Updates and Shut Down’ option in Shut Down in Windows dialog box entry in left-pane. In new window, you will see the settings for Do not display ‘Install Updates and Shut Down’ option in Shut Down in Windows dialog box is set to “Not Configured”. You can again bring back “Update and Restart” option by setting the radio button to Disabled or Not Configured.

May b next time you need to boot up your PC quickly, but the previous pending update operation will not let you do that.

Again your pending update operation is saved in temporary non-volatile memory (memory don’t get erased after power off).. So “Update and Shutdown” option has been removed from Windows 8 instead you may use “Update and Restart” option.

Can I ask if you are using any software when you have experienced this?

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