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I’m only just a tad bit concerned about the trends of “whipping” and “bleeding.” I know lawyers can be scary, but that just brings it to a whole new level.

Again, all of the major trends with our doctor bagels revolve around the field of medicine, but we’re wondering if these bagels with MDs are talking about the scrubs they wear to work or the TV show.

Believe it or not, over 25% of our member base has a master’s degree or higher.

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Overall, it looks like men are into ladies with less smarts than them (frowny face), and women lust after doctors and businessmen. Leave us comments, especially if you have any idea what the heck “flipping” means.

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Here at CMB, we know that our users are intelligent — you’re smart enough to have chosen us after all!

Joking aside, what you may not know is that we are indeed, statistically, a favorite among highly educated professionals.

I guess popular groups just have a sixth sense about these things and know they can be picky.

Given that the type of degree someone holds has a clear impact on their attractiveness level, I was curious if there is a distinctive difference in the way people present themselves on their profiles, depending on the degree they have – i.e., are there words or phrases those with MBAs use a lot more than those with Ph Ds?

We loved how Ok Cupid conducted a similar study (but with race), so we emulated their methodology in this study. The charts below show the words people use most frequently, grouped by their degrees.

We looked at Coffee Meets Bagel users’ profiles and isolated words and phrases in their profiles that made each degree holder’s profiles statistically distinct from the other’s. (FYI – For those of you who are not familiar with Coffee Meets Bagel, here’s an example of what a member’s profile looks like on Coffee Meets Bagel (this is mine).

I mean, if you decide to dedicate your life to studying one specific thing, it’s probably important enough to you to mention it in your dating profile, no? Also, does anyone know what the heck “flipping” is?

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