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In addition to traditional martial arts demonstrations and tea ceremonies, a number of Japanese crafts, from origami to calligraphy, are taught in free workshops daily.

Because the trees-style comic books, and specialty candy.

Where to Stay: The Hakodate Danshaku Club is a sleek hotel named for an early-twentieth-century baron who brought modern British shipbuilding techniques — and a hearty variety of potato — to the region.

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More than 10,000 cherry trees burst with color in this seaside town surrounding the famed 17th-century Matsumae Castle, with its graceful, three-tiered, curved eaves.

It's located on Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido, which means that the cherry blossoms spring to life late in the season, from late April to mid-May.

When to Go: Festival dates have not been set as of press time.

In 2010, the castle park was open to the public for night viewing from April 2 through 11, with the festival taking place April 2 through 4. Where to Stay: The family-owned, 50-room Hotel Claire Higasa is a short walk from both the main rail station and the castle grounds.

But the beauty lingers a while longer, as blizzards of fluttering petals fill the air and blanket the ground.

Note that Mother Nature plays a big role in the timing of Japanese and South Korean festivals, and dates for many have not been announced as of press time.

As the country's annual Children's Day (May 5) draws closer, hundreds of colorful (carp-shaped cloth flags) are strung across the river.

When wind passes through them, the carp appear to be swimming upstream—a symbol of strength and perseverance.

In 2010, the cherry blossom festival ran from April 15 through May 5. Where to Stay: Conveniently located near the Kitakami rail station, the Hotel Route-Inn Kitakami-Ekimae is just a 15-minute walk to the riverfront.

And this is one hotel where you may not mind getting the final bill, which you'll receive as an intricately folded piece of origami.

Be sure to request a room on the 7th floor with a castle view; these rooms are kitted out with a Jacuzzi from which one can soak The overwhelming density of cherry trees in this park — more than 10,000 lining a 1.4-mile pathway along the Kitakami River — certainly gives this festival, located in the north of the island Honshu in Japan, top marks.

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