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It wasn’t a matter of opinion and I fought like I knew I was going to win. And fact even if only to the individual is still fact.

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I have the book somewhere on my book shelf and if I weren’t in the middle of a move I’d paste it right here (and I will when I find it again).

In the book, the author wrote about his distaste for weak statements. Say it as your truth, and if you’re wrong, acknowledge it, but stop giving the world such timidity when you have strength within you.

The flaw with trying to give people confidence by telling them that they’re innately great is that success becomes expected and effort becomes optional.

I cannot give you confidence, nor can you give me confidence.

Speaking truth rather than opinion made me develop it? Who you are right now will not give you the life you want to lead, nor the goals you want to accomplish. Knowledge of who you are and what you can do must be earned over years, tough trials, failure, and much pain.

With the sea of crap out there about “believing in yourself and it’ll all work out”, and “if you wish it to be true it will be”, the goal of this article is to bring some truth to a question surrounded by hokey pokey, wishy washy nonsense that takes the individual out of reality and into a land without action, only dreams, wishes, and wants. It’s in these trials that confidence is given its truth, the truth it needs to be real.If you're broke as a joke but still looking to get your swerve on with the ladies ... Chad Johnson -- self-proclaimed frugal guru -- is gonna tell you how to be a low cash Casanova.We got Chad out in NYC and, since he claims to be such a penny-pincher (dude drives a smart car), we decided to do all our financially-challenged brothers a solid and get some advice on their behalf. The “wishing and dreaming” camp think confidence is, does more of a disservice than it does serve the individual in their quest to live from a position of power – which is what confidence gives you. Confidence without truth is borne from weakness and presents itself as vanity and arrogance.When you think you’re God’s gift to whatever, you’re likely an arrogant shithead who, when that same shit hits the fan, will crumble and flee. There was truth to the confidence I had going into that fight.

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