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(P) 2007 The copyright in these sound recordings is owned by Rough Trade Records Ltd.

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But, more specifically, we were looking for producers who could work with five really opinionated people who don't think alike, you know? We were thinking, 'Wow, BSS are a band with lots of members. Let's see if he's available.' Rhys has praised Newfeld for his "knowledge of pop and what makes people react" stating that "most of the time he just stood there by the desk" and "wouldn't accept a take until he was physically moved by it".

Newfeld also encouraged the group to improvise songs, two of which, "Semi Pro" and "Hot Nutz", appear briefly on footage of the recording process streamed at the band's website and included with American editions of the album.

was deliberately conceived as a 'pop' record following a request from the band's new record label Rough Trade: ...

[Rough Trade] asked us 'Can't you make one of those pop records like you used to make'.

The band enlisted the help of several musicians when making the album including string arranger Sean O'Hagan (of The High Llamas), percussionist Kris Jenkins and others who the group have "built up relationships with over the years... The band have been consistent when describing this central story of "running away from relationships, breaking up in a small town, moving to the big city, losing yourself, having your innocence completely corrupted, and living to tell the tale as a wiser person", At lot of the songs have the same central theme ...

Some songs link up to that story more than others, but some were left off the record, they'll be on the next one, which we're working on already.It started off as a concept, but then we chose songs for their merit rather than their themes.However both drummer Dafydd Ieuan and Rhys himself have contradicted this statement, Ieuan stating that, although there are "a number of crossovers between songs ... Then type your knowledge, add image or You Tube video till "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome! Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say.Rhys has also stated that after Love Kraft the band were "kind of thinking of making a loud record" following the "very different atmosphere" at initial shows on the Love Kraft tour, when the group played the "slow" songs from that album.

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