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During the hostilities, Private Lionel Gilbert Perron, age 20, and Private Joseph Jean Claude Berger, age 21 both of 1 Commando, were killed and 30 Airborne soldiers were wounded. They were the first combat casualties suffered by the Canadian Army since the Korean War but unfortunately not the last Canadian soldiers to die on operations in the 20th Century.Eventually, two Stars of Courage and six Medals of Bravery were awarded for actions during this operation.

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In 1992, the Airborne was reorganized again, downsized to battalion strength with a Commando (or company) provided by each of the three regular force infantry regiments (RCR, PPCLI, and R22e R).

The Canadian Airborne Regiment deployed for the last time in 1993 as part of the United Nations' peace enforcement mission in Somalia.

The last members of 1 Commando returned to Canada on .

The Airborne continued its peacekeeping rotations in Cyprus through the 1980s.

All RCR members of the holding unit went to 3 Commando as augmentation, and 3 Commando Group became the only operationally active and tasked parachute-capable force in the CF.

They were redesignated as RCR Parachute Company on .

The Airborne deployed twice at home in the 1970s; during the "October Crisis" in Quebec in 1970, then in 1976 to provide counter-terrorist support at the Montreal Olympics.

On , 1 Commando Group (1 Commando and 1 Airborne Field Squadron, Canadian Military Engineers), were sent on the Regiment's first peacekeeping mission, a 9-month tour of duty on Cyprus as the Canadian contingent of United Nations Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP).

Posting out of airborne personnel was completed in Jun 1995, though the holding unit remained designated as such until renamed 2 CMBG Light Infantry Battalion (Advance Group) on .

During the months after disbandment, members of the holding group continued to serve; several members placed well in the 2 CMGB Iron Man Competition on and 17 members earned German jump wings on a course from 18-.

Marshall being reviewed by the Colonel-in-Chief of the British Parachute Regiment, His Royal Highness Prince Charles.

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