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Our children face an increasing number of dangers on the Internet.

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Best adult video chat with strangerrs without restriction and registrattion

Internet crime involving personal damage includes cyberbullying, phishing, cyber stalking, identity theft, spam, online predation and obscene content.

There is also various softwares that have been created by malevolent internet users to inflict damage to one’s computer, some of these softwares include malware, spyware, trojan horses and computer virus...

[tags: cybercrimes, phishing, scam] - Internet Safety can be defined as the awareness of one's vulnerability on while using the internet an expanding personal security to avoid being targeted by online crime ( Wikipedia and Web Definitions).

There is two types of damage that can be inflicted on unaware internet users, the first is personal damage and the second is computer damage.

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The link will take you to a financial institution or government agency which looks and feels almost as identical to the legitimate one, however in reality the website belongs to the scammer.

Once inside the website the user may be asked to provide their date of birth, Social Security numbers, account numbers, passwords or other personal information....

Basically viruses are extremely bad, because they can delete your files and even destroy your computer....

[tags: Internet Safety, Internet, ] - The Concern of Children's Safety on the Internet During the last decade, the number of households using the Internet has increased dramatically.

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