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On December 2, 2017, more than a year after she began working at Fannie Mae, the lawsuit said Bonnin received a restraining order against King.It was only after the court order, which prevented King from contacting her, that Fannie Mae finally fired the senior manager, according to the lawsuit.“Despite plaintiff’s expressed desire to advance her career at Fannie Mae, King refused to allow plaintiff the opportunity to prove herself,” Bonnin’s suit alleges.In a statement, Fannie Mae said it was investigating the allegations.“We have zero tolerance for sexual misconduct and harassment," the company told The Daily Beast.

"Her colleagues would ask, 'where are you all day? '"At least one of King’s superiors knew about the alleged relationship, Bonnin claims.

King’s supervisor, Fannie Mae’s director of workplace operations, was sociable with King and approved King’s expenses for the alcoholic lunches and business trips with Bonnin.“Fannie Mae tolerated and fostered an environment where employees were given latitude to act improperly,” Bonnin’s suit alleges, pointing to the fact that King was allowed to hire her at all, despite her lack of qualification.

With little in the way of formal academic credentials for sex ed training—he earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts—Mihalko went from Cuddle Party co-founder to famed Sex Geek, lecturing at universities across the country and launching his own series of sex education workshops and DVDs.

Touted as a “sex and relationship expert,” the 49-year-old continues to preach the importance of consent throughout his lectures; one of his more popular college campus talks is “How to Be a Gentleman AND Get Laid: Navigating Consent, Sexual Freedom, Partying, Dating, Relationships and What It Means To Be a Man On Campus.” But now one woman is accusing Mihalko of gross hypocrisy.

King allegedly told Bonnin “he could do whatever he wanted at Fannie Mae,” according to the lawsuit.

That included firing her, which he allegedly threatened to do if she did not comply with his demands.Adult actress Kelly Shibari says that about eight years ago she had a disturbing encounter with Mihalko when she was invited to one of his workshops in downtown Los Angeles.Fascinated by the workshop, Shibari says she offered Mihalko a ride back to where he was staying while in town.She was looking forward to extending the conversation as they drove—but the conversation didn’t go as planned.“As I drove him back to his friend’s place, he spent the entire time trying to figure out how to have sex with me.“Fannie Mae turned a blind eye to plaintiff and King’s unexplained extended absences from the workplace and their lack of productivity.”But while Bonnin was isolated and lacked connections at Fannie Mae, King allegedly portrayed himself as a rising star at the company.

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